Renovation and maintenance

Davai Bridge & Tunnel A/S is a market leader within dehumidification and maintenance of cable bridges and has a great expertise and knowledge within renovation of bridges from projects in all over Europe.

An extract of our references:

  • New Little Belt bridge, Denmark (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Skodborgsund bridge, Denmark (corrosion protection)
  • Oddesund bridge, Denmark (corrosion protection)
  • Höga Kusten bridge, Sweden (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Forth Road Bridge, United Kingdom (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Severn Bridge, United Kingdom (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Humberbridge, United Kingdom (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Älvsborg, Sweden (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Great Belt bridge, Denmark (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Hardanger bridge, Norway (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Bosphorus bridge I, Turkey
  • Bosphorus bridge II, Turkey

Wind turbine service

Leading in service and repairs of wind turbines, onshore as well as offshore.

Davai A/S has great expertise and knowledge working with wind turbines: we perform everything from renovation to installation, both on- and offshore.

  • Installation and renovation
  • Surface treatment
  • Wing repairs
  • Mounting
  • Certificate welding
  • Frosio inspections
  • Crew boat / crewing
  • Standby vessels


  • Anholt Windfarm (DK)
  • Horns Rev (DK)
  • Borkum Rifgrund (DE)
  • Baltic II Wind farm (DE)
  • Det Nationale Testcenter for vindmøller in Østerild (DK)


Containersolutions sale/rent

We design and produce mobile workshops, storage containers, camp kitchens, living- and sanitation containers etc.

We will build the exact container solution suiting your needs, whether you require mobile workshops, accommodation, or paint kitchens. In addition, we also produce houseboats and barge-solutions as you desire.

  • Storage containers
  • Mobile two-component paint kitchens
  • Ventilation containers
  • Design and setup of containers for accommodation
  • Mobile kitchens
  • Mobile personnel living quarters
  • Personnel camps


Manpower solutions in surface treatment, bridge work, maritime personnel and steel inspection.

We have at our disposal, a large number of experienced, well educated and highly engaged employees, who are all certified and ready to respond, even on the shortest of notice.

With Davai you are guaranteed to always receive personnel with up-to-date training and the proper qualifications for the specific task, and with abilities to be part of any team.

  • Offshore (Full GWO Package)
  • Bridge piers, carrying cables and height-work in general
  • Ventilation
  • Steel construction
  • QC and QA inspectors within steel and coating
  • Alpinists level I, II and III
  • Sandblasters
  • Certified Mig/Mag welders
  • Welding coordinators
  • Frosio inspectors
  • Scaffold builders
  • Crane operators

Surface treatment

Water jetting, laser, sandblasting- and painting equipment, as well as specific packages for purchase and/or rent.

We have many years experience within industrial surface treatment, inspections and repairs of even the most complex surfaces. We use many different kinds of equipment, ranging from traditional methods like sand or sodablasting to being at the forefront of new technology with methods like laser-cleaning. 

Combined with high-level competences in offshore jobs, it makes us outstanding in consideration to e.g. repairing wings for wind turbines – both onshore and offshore and treating metal surfaces.

  • Offshore and onshore
  • Bridges
  • Windmill towers
  • Windmill heads
  • Windmill wings
  • Ships
  • Cranes
  • Chemical industry

Access equipment

Do you need access equipment such as lifts, cranes, sky climbers, cable gantries, telescopic loaders, or climbing equipment – we are your full-line supplier.

We offer purchase, rental and leasing deals on any kind of professional access equipment and we guide you to select the proper solution every time. Davai offers custom designs and builds, for your project and needs, available for sale or rental. 
With us you get technical support on site – 24 hours a day. Among our equipment suppliers you will find:

  • JLG
  • Dockmaster
  • Sky Support
  • Metal Yapi