Bridge renovation

and maintenance

Davai A/S is a market leader within dehumidification and maintenance of cable bridges and has a great expertise and knowledge within renovation of bridges from projects in all over Europe.

An extract of our references:

  • New Little Belt bridge, Denmark (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Skodborgsund bridge, Denmark (corrosion protection)
  • Oddesund bridge, Denmark (corrosion protection)
  • Höga Kusten bridge, Sweden (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Forth Road Bridge, United Kingdom (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Severn Bridge, United Kingdom (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Humberbridge, United Kingdom (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Älvsborg, Sweden (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Great Belt bridge, Denmark (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Hardanger bridge, Norway (wrapping, dehumidification)
  • Bosphorus bridge I, Turkey
  • Bosphorus bridge II, Turkey

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